Hiral (Vyas) Dave

Independent Software Consultant
Founder and CEO, HVDSOFT Pvt. Ltd.

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| Architecture & Design | Development | Management | Training |

| BCA | MCA | Microsoft C#.Net Specialist |

| iSAQB® Accredited Trainer, Training Provider, Supporting Board Member |

| PMI® Member, Vice President Volunteer Development PMI Gujarat Chapter | Representative WEC - Women Empowerment Committee PMI Gujarat Chapter |

iSAQB® Accredited Trainer for Foundation Level-CPSA-F® in India
iSAQB® Accredited Training Provider in India for CPSA® trainings
HVD-Project Management Institute Membership
PMP®-Project Management Professional
Microsoft C# Specialist
iSAQB® CPSA-F® Certified

Ms. Hiral Bhargav Dave known as Hiral (Vyas) Dave on social media, based at Ahmedabad, India is an accomplished result-oriented software professional.

She is connected to the software industry since 2001 and has more than 1.5 decades of experience in leading and working on different phases of diverse technology projects and products.

She holds Bachelor's and Master's degree in Computer Applications and globally recognized certifications namely, GNIIT in Systems Management,
PMP®-Project Management Professional, Microsoft C# specialist, CPSA‑F® Certified Professional for Software Architecture Foundation Level. She is also a data science aspirant.

Having extensive industry experience in design, development and delivery of high-performance technology solutions to meet challenging business demands makes her strong as a Project Strategist, Technical Expert, Excellent Communicator, Learner and a perfect Trainer. She is a person with an appropriate blend of technical, training and management skills. To know more visit

Services Offered


Software Architecture Training-Foundation Level (CPSA-F®). An iSAQB® accredited training.

C#.Net training with hands-on experience.


Consultation on software project management and planning for software companies, using the PMI way.

Process setup inline to SDLC [Software Development Life Cycle] for small and mid-size organization.

Software Architecture & Design, Development

Consultation to small and mid-size organization for software architecture and design.

Development work of software projects.

Events & Updates

Software Architecture Training-Foundation Level (CPSA-F®), An iSAQB® Accredited Training

Year end batch. Registration ongoing for Dec 2022 batch.
Enhance your knowledge of Software Architecture.
Get ready for CPSA-F® certification.
Step up your Career Ladder.
To know more visit Trainings page.
Software Architecture Training iSAQB CPSA-F Certification. Dec 2022 registration open.